Tennessee vs Miss St

Wow…just wow. An overall amazing performance by the Vols! Start was a little slow, but we got it together in the middle. Williams got into foul trouble early and, well that’s ok, he wasn’t really needed, let him rest up for Kentucky. Tennessee went the whole first half with not even going to the free throw line, crazy, but I don’t care how many free throws we have, all that matters is that W! Admiral Schofield with a top notch game, 20 points, and the dunk of the year! Very good to see Alexander finally get it together with 9 rebounds and 16 points. Turner was still ice cold, 2 rebounds and only 5 points, 8 assist did help out. Bowden came off the bench and got 10 points, which was great, especially with Williams early foul trouble.

Now tomorrow with rubber match with Kentucky. As we all know, UK kicked our behind earlier in Rupp, but Tennessee got their revenge in Knoxville, huge game in a neutral site. Tennessee hasn’t won the SEC tournament since 1976, In my mind who ever wins tomorrow will win the championship. Florida plays Auburn in the early game for the championship. A win by Florida will be a better matchup for the Vols, Auburn is a very dangerous team and it will be a rough win, Tennessee played Florida twice and handled that very easy. I hope to see Tennessee in the the championship and hope to get that number 1 seed!

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