Is it too early to worry in Cincinnati?

It feels like the same old Reds, The bats are ok but the pitching is terrible. Now I know its only been 3 games, but 3 games are important. Schebler is not doing to hot, 0-10 to start the season, he don’t look ready at the plate, at all. He has 2 walks and 4 strikeouts, his defense is ok, but he has no wheels, Time to bring up Ervin for CF until Senzel is good. Puig is off to a slow start, finally getting his first hit last night vs the Brewers, and it came at a big time, with a 2 run double to bring the Reds back into the game still down 3-2. Suarez is getting off to a slow start too, 1-10 so far. I feel safe saying they will above .280 before the end of April. Now Barnhart must of lit a fire under his self with all the trade talk in the winter and to see the fans all hoping he would be traded, he’s starting the season very hot, with a .400 average and 1 walk, of course no one in front of him is getting on base so no RBI’s yet. Peraza is in mid season forum already, batting .364 1 HR and 1 RBI, and he has moved back to his natural 2B position. Votto is hitting .333 with 2 doubles and only 1 walk, has the MVP forgot how to walk? He’s moved to batting 2nd, so he’s getting different pitches and he looks not ready at all up there also, but he’s good at adapting. A couple huge off season signing sin Derek Dietrich and Jose Iglesias. Dietrich has been great off the bench, as a pinch hitter and also as a backup utility player, had the huge 3 run homerun on opening day to put the Reds in the lead. Iglesias is batting a .429, with 1 RBI. he’s been huge this year too, only 7 total at bats this year, he’s fallen victim to the double switch a few times so far this year.

Now time for pitching…Boy oh boy, has this been rough! first there’s a few bright spots here. Luis Castillo was able to quit the fans that questioned his ability to be the opening day starter, went 5.2 innings, 8 strike outs, 2 hits, 1 earned run to get a 1.59 ERA. He looked great out there, was loose and having fun. Lorenzen has 2.1 innings pitched no ERA, Garrett has 2 innings pitched with no ERA, Duke has 1.2 innings pitched with no ERA, Herandez has 1.1 innings pitched with no era, and Peralta has 1 innings pitched no ERA. Now the rough, Sonny Gray started on Sunday, 2.2 innings pitched 6.75 ERA. The temperature was 30 degrees, which has a lot to do with it, he just looked like he didn’t have all his stuff together out there. I’m not worried about him at all, he’ll get it together before the next start. Tanner Roark went 4.1 innings gave up 3 runs and 3 walks, all in the first inning, after that he settled down and got it together and went on a tear, but the high pitch count in the first inning hurt his chance of going far. Again, not worried about him going out the rest of the season also. One to worry about, Raisel Iglesias, has 2.1 innings with a 7.71 ERA, he just don’t have the same stuff that was there last year, the Reds just gave him that huge extension in the off season, was a huge trade bait that they held on to. I’m going to say its time to start worrying if he will be the same closer we had last year or if it was a 1 year wonder. Robert Stephenson is terrible, I haven’t liked this guy since the Reds drafted him, he has just never had it. he looks terrible on the mound, only has a couple good pitches, he just has to go. Is Jared Hughes past his prime? He’s been in for 1.2 innings and is the holder of a 5.40 ERA. Last year he was the best reliever the Reds had, with a 4-3 record 78.3 innings 1.94 ERA over 72 games with 59 strike outs, Mr. Reliable.

The NL Central is a very tough division on paper. So far is seems like the Brewers are going to run away with the division, and the rest of the 4 teams are performing way below what they should doing, I still think the Reds will win 87 games and get the home wildcard spot, I really hope they keep Kemp in over Winker and get Schebler out of there, once Scooter comes back that’ll be a huge bat too. should be a great season moving forward and I haven’t been this excited for Reds baseball since 2012 season.

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